Why Infrared is the best natural Detoxification ?

InfraRed Wave Lengths are the deepest reaching most beneficial frequencies of the Sun’s energy

Since humans are bio-accumulators, numerous toxins that cannot be removed immediately after entry, are stored in our bodies. For example when toxic gases such as sulphur dioxide, carbon dioxide and toxic substances such as lead, mercury or chlorine meet

Infrared Detox large water molecules, they are encapsulated by the clusters of water. Where these toxins are accumulated, blood circulation is blocked and cellular energy is impaired. However, when a 9.4 micron FIR wave is applied to these large water molecules, the water begins to vibrate. This vibration reduces the ion bonds of the atoms which are holding together the molecules of water. As the breakdown of the water molecules occurs, encapsulated gases and other toxic materials are released…..the body will “Naturally Detoxify” on a cellular level.

Heat Therapy – A fever is the body’s natural mechanism for releasing bacteria, viruses, and other toxic organisms by sweating them out through the skin. It is a natural means of healing. Hyperthermia (heat therapy) refers to the various methods of creating fever to stimulate the body’s healing process. A rise in the body’s normal temperature of 98.6 degrees creates a state of hyperthermia (3).

Infrared sauna use is perhaps the most effective and efficient method of prompting a state of hyperthermia for the purpose of detoxification. Not only does this process purge toxins from fat cells, including chemical residues, it’s also helpful in the destruction of cancer cells, as they begin to die off when the malignant tissue reaches 104 – 106 degrees Fahrenheit (3).

The body regulates its core temperature through blood circulation and perspiration; nevertheless, it takes but a small increase to trigger hyperthermia and the production of white blood cells, which are critical to the destruction of tumors. Regular infrared sauna use is an effective approach that compliments any anti-cancer protocol.